Naturalveda Offers a Whole New Range Of Safe and Effective Health Supplements and Cosmetics

(March 2019): With the drastic changes in lifestyle, people nowadays pay less attention to their health. As a result of poor diet and lack of exercise, people suffer from a number of health issues and diseases which affects their immune system. It is a well-known fact that natural ingredients such as turmeric, moringa, amla, and ginger have special properties which strengthen the immune system and provides energy to the body. To provide moringa oleiferaand other health supplements to the human body, Naturalveda ( has launched a whole new range of Ayurvedic and herbalolio di moringaproducts that makes the immune system stronger.
Naturalveda is one of the many successful companies started by B & D S.r.l. They also deal with the marketing of Moringa based products such as leaf powder and capsules. The company is located in South India. The herbal range of products is the result of years of experiments with Moringa.

The customers can talk to the live chat agents in case they have any doubts or queries related to ordering or tracking the products. They can even request for a particular product if it is not available online. The customers can subscribe to the newsletter so that they can get instant updates about the newly launched semi di moringa products in the market.

The announcement says that the customers can now even browse the natural cosmetic products as well as spices and can also get at least 20 to 30% discounts on such products by visiting the site

Media contact: Naturalveda di B&D s.r.l. Via Bruno Buozzi 9 15121 Alessandria Italy Phone: (+39) 0131 1925250 Mail: [email protected]

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